Clinical Psychology as a Choice of Your Study

Posted on April 10th, 2013

In fact, clinical psychology is a science that focuses on some important matters related to human being’s psyche. Main task of a clinical psychologist is to give patient needed therapy on such problems as emotional disturbance, adult mental health and drug/alcohol abuse. Despite the fact that clinical psychology is not a scope of psychology that prescribes medication, this subfield is very important and becomes integral part of treatment centers all over the world. To be an expert on clinical psychology, you really need to take master’s degree in clinical psychology that takes a few years to accomplish.

After completing master’s degree in clinical psychology, it is also a must to pass a test by which you can get certificate of professional clinical psychologist. Today, many people like to take this major due to high demand on psychological therapy. Being an expert of this field is also about well paid job. Just imagine that you can earn more than 65,000 USD annually when working as clinical psychologist. According to trustworthy data, it is believed that job opportunity of clinical psychologist will increase significantly up to 24% in 2020.

Career in clinical psychology is certainly not only about being a therapist as it also has something to do with academic setting and researching. After completing master degree, you can continue your study to get doctoral degree (Ph.D) if you want to take part in theoretical and applied training. If your purpose is to be a therapist that deals with mental disorders, continuing your study in psychology of doctor must be a choice. That is some important aspects to understand as to clinical psychology. You of course can take this major when you intend to continue your study after graduating high school and there will be many universities that offer major of clinical psychology.

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